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Awesome show of the Tokyo Type Directors Club.
l,été poem by joan miro, 1927

poem by joan miro, 1927

picked up this neat little thing by redfox press at MCBA’s Fine Wine, Fine Books

walker art center

"horrible" or "perfect" are just words that lose their sharpness if you’re given enough time. 

sweet bookshop find. Cover by Louise Fili
Some afternoon reading.

“We should have in our language, versatile as it is said to be, two different words: one for the Library book, the other for the book-at-home ; one for the book “borrowed”—usually through a bureaucratic or magistral mediation—the other for the book grasped, held, taken up as if it were already a fetish; one for the book-as-object of a desire or an immediate demand.”

—   Roland Barthes, On Reading


I’m not entirely sure yet but I think that I’ll be sharing some of my concrete poems/ typographic experiments on ello. If you’re interested. 

It’s in its early days so it feels like a good space to try out some things.